Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Swing

I set up a baby swing the other day - the one that M's sister gave us shortly after I got pregnant with E. It had previously been taking up real estate in the garage, because, well, instead of an apartment I now have a room, and let's face it, there's just not a whole lot of space. But I wanted to try it and see if he liked it, since the last time he was in it was before M and I split and E was still a 36-weeker. Back then he was strictly in it when I showered, and that's it, because I was terrified of him desatting in it if his head was at a weird angle or something. LOL. The worries of preemie moms.

Anyway, I found a spot for it in my tiny room, and he loves it. He actually looks at the little mobile and the lights, which he hadn't ever done previously (with other seats - the lights on his bouncy seat and stuff. Obviously he didn't care about mobiles when he was a 36-weeker). He's content in it for hours - if he starts to get fussy I just turn the lights and mobile back on and he's happy as a little clam.

I'm somewhat conflicted about this. I'm non-crunchy, but sort of a fan of AP. In a mild sense. I'm actually just a big fan of being with my baby. I like holding him, and wearing him, and having him with me every single second. However, there's a selfish, pre-mothering side of me that likes sitting here on my computer without maneuvering a baby on my chest or tied onto me with a piece of cloth. I can do things like fold laundry, which is impossible to do with one arm and difficult at best while wearing the baby (unless you do a back carry, but I don't know how yet, and I'm not convinced that E has the head control yet anyway. He's only 2 months old adjusted, after all). After I type this post, I'm going to do my nails - which, again, is difficult at best while holding or wearing.

It's so convenient, and he's happy, and I don't feel that I over use the swing. I still hold him a lot, at least I think. So why do I feel guilty?


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