Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Decade 2000-2009 in Bullet Points

It's New Years Eve tomorrow! I've been thinking a lot about this as a fresh start for me. Not only is it a new year, but a whole new decade. Wow! It seems like just yesterday we were all worried about Y2K with the year 2000. I can't believe it's already 2010.

It's amazing all that has happened in my life in this past decade. So, so much.

   -7th grade.
   -First boyfriend
   -First dance
   -Y2K worries. What a joke, lol.
   -My parents divorced after 20 years of marriage.
   -My parents remarried, after 3 months of divorce.
   -Went tanning and got acrylic nails for the first time.

   -September 11th, of course.
   -8th grade.
   -Finally got en pointe in ballet!
   -Parents re-divorced after 3 additional months of marriage.
   -First Kiss

   -9th grade.
   -Got my first summer job at a snow cone shack. Made $5.75 an hour.
   -Met M that summer. Our first kiss in the fall.

   -M broke up with me New Years Day, before he left for the Navy.  
   -Summer in Chicago for ballet. Saw M there.
   -10th grade.
   -Went blonde. Fell in love with high end salon product (Bumble and bumble).
   -Made Madrigal choir in school.
   -Was in the school play, Footloose.
   -Got drivers license.Drove my dad's Jeep Wrangler.
   -Worked at a tanning salon.
   -Quit ballet to work. Big mistake.

   -11th grade.
   -Was in the school play, Les Miserables as Whore #2 (LOL).
   -AP classes.
   -Found out M was married. Called his parents to confirm.
   -Daddy made me give up the Jeep and drive a Toyota Echo, to save on insurance. I was devastated.

   -Senior year.
   -College classes. Only 2 of my classes were at the high school.
   -Graduated 6 months early.
   -Moved out.
   -Decided I was done with academics, wanted to go to hair school.
   -Really horrible boyfriend, T. Bad influence. Dated for 8 months. Broke up and moved back to hometown.

   -Decided I really did want to go to college. 
   -Internship at Disney. Had the time of my life.
   -M MySpaces me and tells me he's getting divorced. We get back together.
   -Left Disney. Huge mistake.

  -Lived with M while we were engaged. Another huge mistake.
  -M cheated with WS (Whore Sister). Found out on my birthday.
  -Got married. Hugest mistake yet.

 -Got pregnant, had a miscarriage at 6 weeks over Mother's Day Weekend.
 -Got pregnant again next cycle.
 -Carried B to 26 weeks.
 -Move to east coast.
 -Preterm labor en route to east coast. Lost B.

  -Lived on east coast. Didn't know anyone.
  -Got pregnant with E, quit job.
  -6 weeks of hospital bed rest
  -E born at 29 weeks! Best thing that's ever happened to me!
  -6 weeks in NICU.
  -Brought E home.
  -Found out about M's affair.
  -Moved back home.
  -B's first birthday and angelversary.

Whew! It's been a crazy busy, TOUGH decade!! Here's hoping that the next year, and the next decade holds a little less tragedy and a little more joy; a few less mistakes and a lot more triumphs.

Next post: Goals for 2010 and the decade 2010-2019!


  1. Love this post. Not all the hardship you went through, but seeing your decade in bullet points. Your last year is insane. You are a fighter.

  2. That's a cool post. Wish I would have thought of doing the decade in review. Hope you have a great new year.