Friday, December 4, 2009

My Perfume Collection

I have a confession.

I'm a perfume addict. Although I prefer the term "perfumista."

My obsession started young, when I was about 12 or 13. I collected those body sprays you buy at Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret. I wore a lot of Love Spell, lol.

In college I could only afford one or two types of real perfume at a time. Like the kind from department stores. I started out with some Kenneth Cole scents and loved them.

The first Christmas M and I were together, he bought me a bottle of Juicy Couture. That made three fragrances. Kenneth Cole's Reaction and Black, and Juicy. And an assortment of body sprays, but those don't count.

After my miscarriage is when my obsession exploded. I started ordering from Nordstrom online like a crazy woman. My collection blossomed from a modest three fragrances to a slightly embarrassing sixteen.

Then, I discovered there were other people with my problem. I found Now Smell This, still one of my favorite blogs. There are people who comment on there who have waaayyyyy more perfume than I have, so it made me feel normal. Actually, it made me feel like my obsession was totally mild in comparison.

Since having Brie and Eli, I've only bought one fragrance for myself (Gucci Flora, if you're curious). Especially now being a single mom, I won't be able to indulge as often as I once could. I can still lust though :)

Here is my perfume collection as it stands. Hopefully there will be a new addition soon!


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