Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Little Late....

I am just barely getting around to uploading pictures from my phone from the last few months, and I wanted to share how we decorated B's grave for Valentine's Day. I know that was over a month ago, and I'm pretty sure I tweeted a picture or two, but I just wanted to have it documented here on my blog because I think it looked really cute!

E helping me decorate...

What it looked like when we were finished! 

We dropped off the teddy bear on actual Valentine's Day! 

Somehow the garland had come off the bottom of the pole... but whatever. It still looked cute. 

Miss you, my little Valentine! My due date with her was February 16th, so I was secretly hoping she'd be a Valentine's baby!


  1. You always do such a lovely job of decorating her grave. I think E looks like he has fun helping too!

  2. So cute! E looks like he loved being involved!