Friday, January 22, 2010

School - Week 1

Ahh... the first week of school.

Well, my first week. It was really the second week of school, but I missed the first due to various issues. Mostly due to financial aid. However, after a week of running around like a crazy woman trying to just. get. registered., I made it to my first class.

And it was awesome.

Well the class itself was average. It was fine. But being there? Awesome. Because I had worked my BUTT off to be there. I spent a week of trudging back and forth across campus through the rain (which is a big deal here in the desert, fyi) from financial aid to registration, from one professor's office to another's, wearing E in the Maya and heels on my feet, before everything was good to go. But I did it! I did it myself. No one helped, no one told me what I needed to do. I found out on my own what I needed, and I found the people I needed to find to get what I needed done, done.  And I did it with a baby on my hip and in heels. Tell me that's not fabulous.

And now I'm in class, tuition is paid, books are purchased, and I have a financial aid refund coming that is going to allow me to... drumroll... GET MY BLACKBERRY BACK!! WOOT!!!

What could be better?


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