Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pumping Milestone - 5 months!

E is five months old today, which means I have been exclusively pumping for FIVE. MONTHS.

I am so proud of myself for making it this far. Anyone who has pumped exclusively knows that it's hard work. It's inconvenient, and time consuming, and just all around a big huge pain in the patooty.

But it's so gratifying looking at E - now over TEN POUNDS more than he weighed at birth - and to know that it's all compliments of mommy's milk.

We'll see how pumping goes once I start school and have like, a life. I'm still hoping to make it to at least a year.. so here's to 7 more months as a slave to the pump!!!

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  1. Just dropping by to say hello ...and to say we're so happy to hear all this good news! You have every reason to feel proud!