Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunny days, party nights... guys, water fights, pretty hair, tanned skin, schools out, summer's in!

Well... not exactly ;)

Sunny days, for sure. It was 99 degrees today and the temp is just going to go up, up, up!

Not too much partying going on at night here, unless you count the once a week mom's fro-yo night. That's sort of a party. And of course the nightly "baby's asleep! SILENCE!" party. Wild times.

Hot guys... well, I did get asked out by a WalMart cashier. So that was pretty cool. Except he forgot to ask for my number, and I'm sort of disinclined to ever date anyone in the retail occupation again {M worked retail. Yep. Still bitter!}. And I did go to a movie with a different guy, although it wasn't a date. It was a step in the right maybe-someday-I-won't-hate-men direction for me.

Water fights... oh yes. E has a little pool and a water table in the back yard, and he loves splashing me. I of course splash him back.

Pretty hair... meh. I'm growing it out so all my layers are blah. I'm going to get it styled just before school starts again. Maybe get bangs. I'm hoping for some natural highlights from spending time in the sun.. but I just keep finding grey hairs. Those are sort of highlights, I guess...

Tanned skin.. yes! I'm working on my tan while E plays in aforementioned pool. I spread out my beach towel on the grass, put my sunglasses on and read. I'm happy to say I'm a shade or two darker than ghostly white already!

School is out, summer is in, and I'm loving it. I'm having so much fun being a SAHM, and I'm so excited that I still have two more months left! I'm sure by the time August 22nd rolls around I'll be more than ready for school to start - this SAHM gig is fun, sure, but way hard at times!  For now though, I'm spending lots of time outside, reading fluffy fiction, and chowing down on the watermelon and green smoothies. It's soooo great! Way better than last summer when I was working my butt off in Anatomy!


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