Friday, January 14, 2011

Flab to Fab Friday

Christa over at Little BGCG is doing Flab to Fab Fridays and I'm joining in! 

I (along with many other pre-nursing students who I've spoken with) GAINED WEIGHT during my semester of physiology. All the stress and studying was not good for my waistline! Yuck. So this semester since my classes are a little more low key, I'm trying to get back on track. 

This week my goal was to eat breakfast every day before school. I accomplished that buy buying plastic tupperware-type "bowls" with lids, and microwaving some oatmeal to eat in the car on the way to drop E off at daycare. I know, not ideal, but hey. It worked. I ate breakfast every day except today (which I didn't take him to daycare, I left him with my mom, so there you go). 

I also went to the fitness center at school on Monday, Tuesday, and today. That will be my goal for next week - to go to the fitness center those days again. Wednesday won't happen because of E's daycare hours, and Thursday I'm not on campus until night time. I want to try to add in the 30 Day Shred, but E has been having a hard time transitioning back to daycare and will hardly let me put him down when we're home. That should improve soon, so when it does I'll add in the Shred. 

Trying to stay flexible but still get it done! 

So goal for next week: Continue to eat breakfast daily, and go to the fitness center Mon Tues and Fri. Add in Shred if possible. 

See ya next Friday! 

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  1. Wow you are committed! I need to take a lesson from you especially with the eating better and actually working out! I need more cardio in my life!