Friday, March 19, 2010

Starting Solids

So. Lately E is very interested in what I'm eating. He watches my fork go from my plate to my mouth very intently. EVERYTHING is fair game for hand to mouth, although he still picks up things with his whole fist - no fine motor skills yet.

There is so much conflicting information out there about when to start solids. Of course, his pediatrician said I could start him around 4-6 months (actual!), but he was nowhere near ready then.

He's almost 8 months actual, 5 1/2 months adjusted now. And I'm not sure what to do.

As I said, he watches what I eat very intently. He will grab at my food occasionally, but not every time. I gave him some frozen breast milk chips, and he didn't tongue thrust them out or gag or anything. He seemed to like that.

Any advice? When did you start solids? What did you start with? Do you think it's time for me to introduce solids to him, or should I wait?


  1. I think with his adjusted age he should be fine to start some solids. They usually recommend starting with a single grain cereal like rice. I always had a hard time getting my daughter to eat it plain though, I would have to mix juice in. Bananas or applesauce would probably be a good starting point. Start 1 new food per week so you can make sure there is no allergy. I made all of my babyfood until I started getting WIC. Bananas, applesauce, squash, peas, sweet potatoes are all super easy to make.

  2. It sounds to me that both from the way he's acting and his age that he's ready to start some solids. I would start with a small spoonful of single grain cereal mixed with a ton of breastmilk so that it's pretty liquidy.

    DG isn't a preemie. She started solids at almost exactly 6 months (about a week before she turned 6 months). We started with oatmeal mixed with a ton of breastmilk (we were told rice is constipating). We started with dinner because it was the easiest for us. She didn't always want it so we didn't force it.

    Once she decided to eat dinner pretty consistently, we added lunch. Then once she was eating lunch pretty consistently, we added breakfast. Lunch got added at about 8 months and breakfast at a little over 9 months.

    We added a food every 4 days or so to make sure she wasn't allergic. Plain oatmeal didn't last long before we started adding various fruits. Sometimes we gave plain fruit or plain veggies instead of oatmeal with fruit.

    Sorry for such a long comment! I hope it helps!

  3. I started my girls in around the 4-6 month range. Try starting with some rice cereal, mixed VERY thin. For the first while I even used breastmilk to make it, just to give it a familiar flavour. I think his reaction to it will let you know if he's ready for it or not.

    Good luck! :-)

  4. I would say that now would be the perfect time! I'm not one to rush feeding solids at all,but you also don't want to miss that great "window"... if you wait too long, some babies have real texture issues. In my experience (with my 3 babes- one born at 24 wks), if they're used to breastmilk, mashed bananas are one of the best first foods. After that, avocado is fantastic and has wonderful fats... great for any baby but especially wonderful for a preemie!

  5. With Nolan, I believe I started him around 5 1/2-6 months. He hated rice cereal so I have him really well mashed up bananas and then we went to avacados. He loved them both. I only fed him a tiny bit once a day.
    You'll know when you're both ready :)

  6. my niece was born at 8months and her pedia told us to start her on solids at 7months. i started my daughter at 6.5 months and we started with avocado. just recently, one of the doctors who participates during our breastfeeding lecture said that there was a new study that came out saying that babies could already start solids at 4months. I had always believed that 6 months was THE starting period. I'm waiting for her to give us a copy of that study.

  7. Thanks so much for all the advice!

    I still haven't started him *blush.* My mom, who I live with, is pressuring me a little.. but I don't feel ready! He probably is.. but I'm not! I did buy some stage 1 baby food.. which I guess is a step in the right direction :). I just keep putting off *giving* it to him! I don't want him to grow up!!