Saturday, March 6, 2010

No Longer Facebook Friends

M unfriended me on Facebook. I realized it last night, when his cousin (with whom I am still friends on Facebook) posted some pictures of this last Christmas. I went to look at them, and in the sidebar it said "You have 4 mutual friends." When dealing with the in-laws, we always, always have FIVE mutual friends. Who was missing?

I looked and of course, it was M. On the one hand, I'm glad I don't have to stare at the smug picture he posted of him and his girlfriend all the time anymore. And I had him on limited access to my profile anyway, and I'm pretty sure he had me limited on his (I didn't ever really go poking through it), so it's not like that matters.

The principle of it is that Facebook is the way we decided on communicating about E. It is the form of communication I've told him is best for him to contact me. Before I had my BlackBerry back, I never checked my email - it always slipped my mind because I was so used to it coming to my phone. I generally check Facebook every couple of days, so it's more convenient.

It really shocked me that he unfriended me just for that reason. I believe I can still send him inbox messages, but what a pain. I of course will still send him monthly updates on E, although him unfriending me certainly seems like he doesn't care whether he gets them or not. He didn't even acknowledge that he got the last one I sent.

**Okay, so while writing this post I went to double check to see if his messages that he sent me were still there. They are, but I noticed he changed his picture from the one with him and his girlfriend to one of him by himself, and also his picture album that he titled "The Family" that had pictures of his girlfriend and her kids is gone. It could be that I just can't see it because we're no longer friends.. but it makes me wonder. I wonder if all is well with those two?! I emailed his sister in law who I sometimes talk to... maybe she has the scoop. I'll let you guys know what I find out, lol.**

Anyway, I'm annoyed and a little offended that he unfriended me. It's not that I'm having trouble with him moving on... he had moved on before it ended between us. I just feel that it's petty and it's frustrating, because it's the only form of communication we were really using. I guess it doesn't matter.. but still.

UPDATE: @graciekate informed me that M's girlfriend's MySpace relationship status says single. Interesting.... It previously said "In A Relationship."

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  1. he is such a loser but i know what you mean. even though you don't care, you kind of do. and then you hate that you kind of do which makes it worse. i envision throwing drinks in his face or punching him out and I feel much better. :-)