Monday, July 9, 2012

Spin Into Action Simple Service Project

Being a single parent, it's so hard when you worry about whether your kids are going to get what they need. The budget is tight, you try to prioritize, but sometimes... things just don't happen that way. I've been so blessed to have people step in and help when I needed it most - often unasked.

That's why I was so intrigued about the SIMPLE Service project Spin into Action from Champions for Kids. According to their website:

Over 19% of children ages 2-19 have untreated cavities. A child’s complete
preventive dental program should include fluoride, at least twice-daily brushing,
wise food choices, and regular dental care.

Oral care can be one of the most overlooked things - when there's a problem, it's expensive and sometimes you just can't afford it. This is why prevention is key. Making sure kids have access to a toothbrush all the time can be a fight! I know Eli loves to play with his, drag it around with him.. and yep, lose it! This can lead to not getting his teeth brushed that night... and what if I didn't have the money to replace it the next day? What if I had to wait two weeks or a month for my next paycheck?

I chose a couple of Spinbrushes from the #SpinbrushCFK project to a local charity, Dixie Care and Share. They almost got shut down earlier this year because of lack of funding and donations during the recession. Luckily, fundraisers were held and it was able to be saved, so I want to take every opportunity to make any contribution I can to this amazing organization. Although it isn't much right now while I'm in school, every little bit helps.

You can be a part of this great service project - start by getting involved online! Follow Champions for Kids on Facebook and Twitter, and join Arm and Hammer Spinbrush on Facebook and Twitter as well! 

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  1. Oh no! I hate to hear of food banks and other such organizations being shut down or on the verge of being shut down. I am so glad they were able to keep their doors open!

  2. I love the SIMPLE Service Projects. It's such a good reminder that we can also do small things and make a difference.

  3. What a great project! I had no idea the % of untreated cavities in children was so high!