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RedWeek Timeshare Rental Membership and CASH Giveaway!

Hey guys! I'm still alive, but without a laptop... So just barely. Luckily I can still post from my phone, so I can sill help host this giveaway brought to you by my BFF Alyssa at Giveaway Overload!!!

Details are below; have fun and I'll be back with uh, some non giveaway posts soon. Swearsies.

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Review/Giveaway by Giveaway Overload

If you've ever been on vacation you know how the expenses can add up quickly. Between the travel costs, the hotel, the food, and the entertainment it can get a little overwhelming. What if there was an easy way to cut those costs without jumping through several hoops? Keep reading to find out!

A little-known alternative to renting a hotel is to rent a timeshare. Did you know that you can rent a timeshare for up to 50% less than hotel rooms? When timeshare owners can't use their available weeks they rent their timeshare out. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved because the owner makes a profit and the renter saves money. is an online timeshare marketplace that connects timeshare owners with potential renters and buyers. From their website:

Now a leader in the secondary marketplace, RedWeek is the largest, most reputable online timeshare marketplace with more than 1.5 million registered users and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Timeshare owners and travelers alike come to RedWeek to read our exclusive resort ratings and reviews, access our detailed resort information, and of course browse the thousands of timeshare rental and resale postings or advertise their own timeshare for rent or sale.

There are many ways in which renting a timeshare can preferable to renting a hotel besides the savings. Below you can see an example of the spaciousness available in a timeshare. No more cramped hotel rooms with no privacy. Timeshares also come with fully equipped kitchens. You can save potentially hundreds of dollars making your own meals rather than eating out three times a day. Eating out with small children can be quite the ordeal, and finding them something healthy to eat just compounds the problem. We all like to eat out on occasion, but being able to buy and cook your own food on your schedule can be very convenient. How many times have you had to wake up early and get everyone dressed just to go out and get breakfast?

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My husband and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas this fall. We used to live there and we have lots of friends and family that we haven't seen in almost three years. I've been searching for a good place to stay because I am uncomfortable imposing on friends for an extended period of time. One timeshare I looked at was Tahiti Village. One of the biggest benefits to renting a timeshare in Las Vegas is you don't have to walk your children through a smoke-filled casino to get anywhere. Even without a casino there is a great list of amenities.

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I really like that there are nearby amenities listed. Usually you can find a list when you get to your hotel room, but knowing beforehand is very helpful, especially if you plan on doing a lot of walking. Timeshares are incredibly family-friendly. Many not only have pools, but have hot tubs, whirlpools, lazy rivers, kiddie pools, and water pads. Arts and crafts classes are common, as are community BBQs and ice cream socials.

Visit to browse timeshare locations and amenities. You can browse by location or attraction including kid friendly and pet friendly options. With the purchase of a yearly membership you can contact owners to get started on your budget vacation!

RedWeek has generously offered to give away a two-year membership to one Giveaway Overload reader! That's a $29.98 value! In addition, Giveaway Overload has teamed up with Haute Single Mama, Shoes, Fashion, Fitness, and Roasted Beanz to give the winner $40 in PayPal cash to use on your vacation! Enter to win on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

Giveaway Overload received a one-year membership in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are that of Giveaway Overload. Please see Giveaway Overload's Disclosure Policy for more information. Haute Single Mama is not responsible for awarding the prize.


  1. As the timeshare exchange provider to RedWeek, Dial An Exchange (DAE) is here to help timeshare owners fulfill their dream vacation exchanges simply and affordably, with the highest quality of service possible.

  2. Cancel a timeshare: This is the best solution to get rid of a timeshare efficiently. When a timeshare is properly cancelled, the financial obligations attached to the resort will be gone: no more threatening calls, no more debt, and no more maintenance fees. It is important, however, to cancel your timeshare agreement through the right professionals in order to avoid being scammed.

  3. Many vacationers become victims of timeshare scam by signing unfair timeshare agreements. Due to time restrictions and high pressure sales tactics, clients usually won´t get a chance to review their timeshare agreement with a fine tooth comb. As such, they rely on the word of their timeshare salespersons to tell them in detail what they are signing.

  4. Many people purchase a timeshare expecting it to be a great acquisition and a good investment. But timeshares need to be looked up as a purchase, instead of an investment. By the time the maintenance fees and the assessment fees start to pour in, they become conscious they got their selves into what could be an exorbitant trouble, full of debts, headaches and unnecessary problems.

  5. Renting a timeshare is an option that you might consider if you don’t want to use your timeshare weeks anymore. Owning a timeshare can be a headache! With all the fees you have the responsibility to pay and the constant phone calls coming from the resort, it becomes almost necessary to think on a solution, especially if your debts are getting deeper.

  6. Timeshare industry is known for being very susceptible to scams; however, timeshare properties are still a successful business for most resorts. In these times of rough economy, it is important to take care of our money, and timeshares are not in the way to achieve the financial security that we are all looking for.

  7. Thousands of International travelers, particularly from the US and Canada, have fallen victims oftimeshare fraud while vacationing in Mexico. Resort developers hire skilled salesmen to represent their timeshares as many different attractive packages, such as financial investments, deeded properties, or vacation clubs, just to increase their sales.

  8. When taking a vacation, timeshare owners want the newest and most luxurious accommodation that they can afford with their hard-earned money. The timeshare scam salespeople are aware of this fact and use it to their advantage in order to increase their sales.