Monday, August 2, 2010

How Do You Measure A Year (Of Exclusively Pumping)?

365: Number of days I've been pumping.
5.5: Average number of pumping sessions per day
2,007: Approximate number of pumping sessions, total
40,150: Minutes spent pumping
669: Time spent pumping in hours
27.8: Time spent pumping in days
15,330: Approximate number of ounces pumped
18.5: Pounds E has gained since birth
56: Pounds I have lost since E's birth
1,800: Dollars not spent on formula
650: Dollars spent on pumping supplies
119.7: Approximate volume pumped in gallons

**How I got these numbers: 
1. Duh
2. 8 sessions per day at the beginning, down to 3 sessions now. Averaged those two numbers. 
3. 5.5x365
4. (previous) x 20 minutes 
5. (previous) /60
6. (previous) /24
7. Output has ranged from 60 oz/day to 24 oz/day. Averaged those, x 365.
8. Fact
9. Fact
10. Googled ;)
11. Lansinoh pump, Lansinoh bags (approximate amount bought), breast pads, all of the breastfeeding supplements I've taken (including Domperidone and Reglan). I didn't include bottles because I didn't include them in the cost of formula feeding, just the cost of the formula itself. 
12. Added this as an afterthought because my mom asked ;) Used a converter I googled to convert oz to gallons! Wow!


  1. Congrats! I know it's an accomplishment. I did it exclusive for six and mixed for 3 I can really appreciate it. You rock!

  2. Love it, congrats, what an accomplishment mama!

  3. Wow, super inspiring! Congrats, mama!

  4. I admire your dedication! So many women give up on breastfeeding because it's "too hard"'ve got wonderful dedication and many moms could learn from you. Good for you!!!! :-)

  5. Congratulatons! That's really great.

  6. That is amazing, you're an inspiration!

  7. LOVE this post! :)

    Emily @ Baby Dickey

  8. you GO! you are one of my breastfeeding heroes.

    ~ Maya @ MarfMom

  9. You are a MACHINE. I love it :P and you're amazing. I use you as an example EVERY TIME someone tells me they want to give up breast feeding or pumping! haha!

  10. I'm just rounding the corner of 20 months!! I cant wait to add it all up at the end!!! :)

  11. Congratulations! Pumping is way harder than straight from the tap! You have a very lucky baby to have such a dedicated breastfeeding mama!!!

  12. Wow! Did you actually pump for 1 year? *impressed* I had to pump for 3 months when my oldest DS was newborn because he was very ill and couldn't suck, but as soon as I could I got him to nurse instead and he kept on doing that until he was 18 months. My youngest DS breastfed for 30 months. *lol*

    Have a great weekend! And belated Happy Birthday to your baby!

  13. That is awesome! You bring tears to my eyes, such a great accomplishment!

  14. You rock mama!! Congrats on your anniversary!

    Thanks for linking up to the breastfeeding blog hop!