Monday, May 17, 2010

Question Game!

I was the girl who spent hours doing MySpace Surveys, so I dig these question games. This one is from Modern Mom at How to Survive Life in the Suburbs.

1. What is one thing that you truly do just for you?

Tweet!! I love it. I have met so many amazing people through Twitter, and it's just awesome. And it doesn't help out one single person besides myself! It's therapeutic, though.

2. What is the most expensive thing in your closet?

My Coach patchwork, of course! (Although if you're counting how much I actually paid for it... I paid more for my Juicy bags! But it is worth way more.)

3. Are you where you want to be in your life?

Absolutely not. I love my baby boy, and he is exactly what I always wanted, but other than that? Not even close! I daydream daily about the day when I finish school, get a job, and can MOVE OUT again. And maybe, someday, even get married again.

4. If you could be on any reality TV show, which would it be?

The Bachelor/ette! When I was married I used to watch it all teary-eyed and be like "M, I love you but I miss being singleeeeeee!" I got my wish, I guess, lol!

5. What dream are you working on right now? (doesn’t have to be a big huge life altering dream…could be finding time to get that book read)

I'm going to school to become a nurse!

6. Ohhh Best book you have read lately?

Hmmm. I haven't read a book just to read since I was on bed rest, and at that time I was reading preemie parenting books! I do highly recommend "Preemies: The Essential Guide for Parents of Premature Babies" to NICU parents, though.

7. Most annoying habit of your mate? C’mon share…I’m sure they aren’t looking.

I'm sure he's not. He used to have the worst pronunciation/grammar. He said "supposably" instead of "supposedly." He couldn't pronounce Chipotle, which was one of our favorite places to eat. He said "chi-pole-tay" instead of "chip-oat-lay." When he should have taken his opportunity to make a left turn, he said "I should have went" (vs. "I should have gone,"). He used to say, "I have a stigmata against it," apparently not knowing that "stigmata" is plural, and the singular is "stigma." I could go on and on. And no, I didn't correct him every time he said all this, lol. I'm not one of *those* people.

8. What is your favorite thing to do on your birthday?

Anything but cry! My 16th birthday, my dad forgot it was my birthday at all. My 19th birthday, my boyfriend didn't do the ONE thing I asked and make/pick up/whatever dinner and a cake. I didn't ask for any gifts! My 21st birthday, I found out that M had been cheating on me the first time. My 22nd birthday, we didn't celebrate because we were getting ready to move, and then 8 days later my baby died :(. I've had a lot of not so great birthdays. So the ones where there's no good reason to cry are totally awesome.

9. What is the best idea for a Wedding gift? (yes …I’m going to a Wedding and need some ideas! Ha)

My mom always takes people office supplies! Like a stapler, 3 hole punch, tape, envelopes, scissors, stamps... stuff you take for granted for just "being there." Of course, here, people get married really young. If someone had been living on their own for a long time before they got married, it probably wouldn't be such a hit.

10. What is one thing you look back on in your life and think “I can’t believe I survived that.” FYI for me…it was a very scary ride in Mexico with my girlfriend and three guys who claimed to be police officers. Gullible much?

Lol. When I went on my internship to Florida, I let a guy who I had *met on the internet* who was doing the internship as well pick me up from the airport and share a hotel room. I am so lucky that he was actually a really decent guy and not some kind of psycho rapist.


  1. Thank you so much for linking up and playing along! I learned so much about you just now! You sound like one super strong Mama!
    Oh and for your next birthday, I wish you the happiest, tear free birthday ever! You so deserve it:)

  2. I was also a girl who spent hours doing those damn myspace surveys. It's funny to go back and read them. Funny in an omg-I-was-a-tool kinda way sometimes, but still amusing.

    My friends and I picked up a hitchhiker once. Granted I "played it safe" (using that term VERY loosely) and checked for weapons before letting them in the car, but still. Wow. How were you and I not tragic news stories??

  3. Just droppin by from the d-list. #10 - holy smokes, you are one lucky girl!