Friday, June 15, 2012

Dating Thus Far

So I went on my first post-divorce date in December. I know, it's been a long time and I'm just now dishing. Sorry bout that.

Anyway, luckily I chose an amazing guy to go on my first date with. We had a great time, and continued going on dates, and decided to be exclusive about a month later. Like boyfriend and girlfriend. Squeeeee!

It was great. But then... it wasn't so great. I still have a lot of residual issues from my marriage, divorce, and baby loss. A lot of issues. Some of these issues were affecting our relationship - so we're "taking a break" for the summer.

So I'm wondering, can I ever really get past these? The trust issues and the "pessimist" philosophical bend? I'm always waiting, preparing, anticipating the next nightmare and how I'll get through that. I'm still in survival mode.

How does one get over that?

I'm hoping to work that out at therapy, but if anyone has any personal experiences with that, I would be very open to and grateful for advice!

P.S. I apologize for the hideousness of my blog. I was trying to fix it and then realized I am totally incompetent and got a real designer to do it. So it should be fixed in a couple of weeks ;)


  1. I hope you get it all worked out! Good luck!!

  2. I don't know that you do "get over that" ~ all what you've gone through... you do just that go through it... I don't know what you're spiritual beliefs are but trusting God and looking to Him for satisfaction and fulfillment is the only way I've managed to move past any of the tragedies or pain in my life. Blessings.