Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm backkkkkk!!!!

It has been FOREVER since I've blogged, but I've been getting the itch again. I'm not sure if anyone still cares, but whatever!!

So here's the snapshot of what I've been up to:

  • Graduated nursing school 
  • Passed the NCLEX (first try, 75 questions) and am now an official registered nurse. 
  • Switched boyfriends. I call him PharmMcDreamy. He's a pharmacist. I like him a lot.  
  • Got my first RN job (way back in January) and it's going well. Not my dream job, but definitely a valuable experience. 
I have a lot more to say, so there will be future blog posts. I've missed this!!! 


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  3. Just checking in ! How've you been?

  4. Great job! What you are doing is admirable. For myself, I still the passion of a nurse applied in entrepreneurship. Nice to know you are back to blogging.