Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's up?!


Finals are over at last for this semester! YAY! I'm so relieved. I ended up doing well in my classes, so it was worth all the craziness.

I am now officially a SAHM for the summer! I am waiting to find out whether I got into the nursing program for Fall 2011; depending on whether I did or didn't, I may or may not be taking a couple of online classes over the summer. If I didn't, I'll take a math class to replace the one unfortunate "B" on my nursing application, but it will be online so there will still be no on campus time besides tests! If I did get accepted, I'm not going to do anything this summer but be a mom. Nursing school is tough so I'm sure that I'll be glad I took some time out before starting!

I've already noticed how much of a better mom I am when I'm not worrying about a million things I ought to be studying. I have so much more patience and I truly enjoy spending time with E. Not that I don't usually, but I'm normally really high strung and preoccupied. So this is awesome. I'm loving it, and I hope it lasts the whole summer whether I end up taking classes or not.

I'll keep you posted on whether or not I get into the program! I should be getting notified by the end of next week, but by May 31st at the very latest. Eeek! Keep your fingers crossed for me!