Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vintage Pizza Parties

When I was growing up, my parents had "date night" every Friday night. I think they went out to dinner or something, I don't really know, but for us? It was  PIZZA PARTY NIGHT!! 

Sometimes we would order pizza, but most times we would make what we called "little pizzas" - they're those premade buttermilk biscuits that you buy in the refrigerated dough section at the store, with some sauce and whatever toppings we wanted to go on them. Pepperoni, onions, olives, pinapple, barbecue chicken pizza, or macaroni and cheese pizza - anything we could think up! It was fabulously fun when I was like, 8. (Actually I still make them every now and then - it's still pretty fun!)

And with those pizza parties we always got to have soda - usually Coke or Barq's root beer. Normally root beer though, because obviously my parents didn't want to return home to 4 kiddos hopped up on caffeine. Now they have caffeine-free Coke - that would have been the best of both worlds! We never, ever got to drink soda with meals (or anytime, really, unless we were going out to dinner or something) except on date night, so it was a big deal.  

We'd make our little pizzas, hunker down with a glass of Coke or Barq's, and watch TGIF on channel 3? Or 4? I don't remember. But they played Boy Meets World and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Lol! Does anyone else remember that? Just me? We really loved, loved, loved TGIF. 

Those are some of the best memories I have with my siblings. Hanging out at home, being "responsible" enough to be left home alone for an hour or two, and enjoying some of our favorite foods and drinks that my mom was awesome enough to allow us to have in only in moderation. 

Now, my parents still go out on Friday nights :) Even though I'm allowed to have soda whenever I want (I'm an adult after all, and I have a terrible awful addiction to diet soda), it always seems particularly festive on Friday night. I still make pizza for myself, my brother, and now Eli - and I even let Eli take a little sip of the soda. He just loves Barq's root beer -  but he's only allowed to have it on Friday nights! TGIF is no longer on, but we watch other silly, family friendly programming, and it's just a fabulous way to wind up the week and start the weekend. 

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  1. Wait. TGIF is gone?!?!?!? That hurts me real bad. I used to love Friday nights because my parents would let me stay up late to watch all of TGIF.

    And tell me more about these pizzas! What kind of dough do I need? I might have to steal your tradition. M loves "pee pee" (I know - we really need to work on that one because until he can say pizza we have to steer clear of pizza joints) and I can totally see A going crazy with this idea!

  2. Oh how glad I was to be a part of some of those nights!!! Good times!

  3. Barq's has caffeine (it's the only root beer brand that does - likewise, Sunkist orange soda also has caffeine; the only orange brand that does).

    I remember one unfortunate year I had brownie (GS) meetings from Fri. night that ended at 8pm. Some of the girls were lucky, and their parents would pick them up exactly on time, and they could make it home to watch Full House and only miss the first couple of minutes. My parents were always late, and I lived on the other side of town, so I never made it home before 8:20-25, and would miss the whoooolllleeee shhhooooowwwww (woe was me at age 9).

  4. Root beer was my only craving while I was pregnant so I wonder if L will love it too!

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